Company Health management

24/7 medical advice for your employees

Where the health of your employees counts

Where the health of your employees counts

Benefits for employees and their families:

  • Medical care, no matter where and when
  • Certainty about health situation
  • Fast, competent and reliable medical advice for health problems

Advantages for the company:

  • Total medical care from a single source.
  • There are hardly any absences due to doctor's visits because MiSANTO is accessible via telemedicine and has no waiting times. 
  • Healthier employees means less absenteeism and lower costs due to absences.
  • Positive effect on the motivation of employees, as the company also directly takes care of their well-being by means of medical care.
  • This has the effect of increasing productivity in the company. 

Corporate pension plan

Focus on the health of employees

MiSANTO advises and supports employees on topics such as stress, resilience, sleep or even fitness.

Here's how it works:

  • Your employees, and if they wish, their family members, can reach the Swiss Tele-Health Center 24/7.

  • Up to the amount defined by the company, the services are free of charge for the employee. After that, the service is billed as for a normal visit to the doctor according to the Swiss health insurance system.

  • You will receive a monthly performance summary
    (without employee names).

Healthy employees

Healthy company


For your employees and their families:

  • Physical consultation in one of our Health Points
  • Medical officer and issuance of certificates of incapacity for work, prescriptions, medication and therapy plans
  • Rapid and reliable testing of symptoms to tentative diagnosis, as well as second opinion and explanation of findings.
  • Medical care 24/7 on all medical concerns without any wait times and "fast-track referrals" to specialists.
  • Other medical services, such as check-ups and testing for diseases.
  • Services are being further expanded on an ongoing basis.

Services for your company:

  • For your employees, MiSANTO medical services remain free of charge until the monthly budget is reached, which you can determine yourself.
  • Medical benefits can be extended not only to employees but also to their family members.
  • Possibility to consult MiSANTO as a medical examiner in cases where an alleged incapacity for work is to be assessed.
  • For medical services to all employees, such as vaccinations or checkups, MiSANTO is happy to come to your company.

You would like to learn more about the interaction of MiSANTO?

We would be happy to inform you in a personal conversation!

Bonus for employees

Savings potential for employees

  • The company covers health care costs for a certain amount for one year.
  • The employee increases the deductible rate with his health insurance company by this amount.


  • Company pays CHF 2,500 per employee per year
  • Employee increases his deductible from CHF 300 to CHF 2,500 in the family doctor model

Franchise CHF 300

Family doctor model

Premium CHF 487/Mt.

Franchise CHF 2'500

Family doctor model

Premium CHF 434/mt.

MiSANTO Employee Hotline

Download the MiSANTO app and speak directly with one of our physicians or contact our hotline.

Medical officer

Personal medical consultation on your behalf

  • MiSANTO can be used as a trusted physician by you. 
  • Consultations take place telemedically and physically at one of our Health Points near you. 
  • Certificates of incapacity for work are issued uniformly according to the same criteria.