Telemedical help for those affected by the Ukraine war

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had catastrophic consequences. And the more the situation worsens, the greater the need for help – from emergency aid on the ground to support for those fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Medical help on site is rare to hardly possible. As a leading provider of telemedicine services in Switzerland, we are convinced that the shortage of medical personnel can be combated with telemedicine. Therefore, we offer our service free of charge for those affected. 

«Telemedicine is crucial for the treatment of the Ukrainian population, which has no access to expert care, let alone regular and high-quality follow-up care.» – Univ.-Professor Dr. med. Thomas Krech, CEO & CMO, MiSANTO. 

Humanitarian engagement in the field

The devastating situation prompted MiSANTO to take a bus to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border to bring refugees to Switzerland.

MiSANTO's help for Ukraine at a glance

MiSANTO helps Ukraine
  • Free of charge telemedical consultation for affected Ukrainians
  • Transport of refugees to Switzerland
  • Support in finding a place to stay in Switzerland
  • Medical care after arrival in Switzerland

You would like to support?

In order to be able to continue our aid project, we are dependent on financial support. Not only do we want to continue to offer telemedical consultations free of charge to those affected, but we also want to be able to continue to provide financial support to Ukrainian families in Switzerland. 

MiSANTO donation account for Ukraine

We are collecting funds on our donation account to continue our efforts on the ground. Read on our blog what we have already achieved so far.

Donate using the TWINT code below or to the bank account below to support MiSANTO directly.

TWINT MiSANTO Spendenkonto

IBAN: CH71 0070 0114 8057 6190 1

Donation account of "KIRCHEN HELFEN"

 MiSANTO works closely with the non-profit organisation 
«KIRCHEN HELFEN«, which in turn supports refugees 
from Ukraine.

Donate via the TWINT code below or to the bank account below to support  «KIRCHEN HELFEN».


IBAN: CH58 8080 8005 5931 484 9