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Digital help for illness, pain and other medical issues via mobile phone

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had disastrous consequences. And as the situation worsens, so does the need for assistance—from immediate relief on the ground to assistance for those fleeing to neighboring nations. With continuous fighting still going on in Ukraine, identifying the full level of medical requirements is difficult. It is to be expected that humanitarian access is being hampered, and medical supply routes are being disrupted, both of which are crucial to health treatment in the besieged country. As a leading provider of telemedicine services in Switzerland, we believe in combatting the shortage of medical staff with telemedicine.

MiSANTO offers the possibility of consulting a doctor online or by phone. This gives you access to medical help at any time, even if you are physically unable to see a doctor.

Are you fleeing war or are you directly affected and suffering from pain or illness? Contact us at any time!  

Telemedical consultations are free of charge for those affected.*

You or your relatives are affected?

We are at your disposal for telemedical assistance


Dial the phone number below and speak to one of our doctors immediately. The consultation is free of charge* for those affected.

+41 840 005 911

Anonymous calls cannot be accepted.


Write an e-mail to our team of doctors in which you describe your symptoms or those of your relatives. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.


Download the MiSANTO app and use the symptom checker on your own. If necessary, switch to the chat to contact one of our doctors directly.

Download app

App only available in German language. 

Intercom Chat

Click on the chat icon at the bottom right and type a message. A doctor from our team will get back to you immediately and provide you with telemedical assistance.

*The telemedical consultation is free of charge. Depending on the country you are calling from, calls to our hotline may incur costs. Please ask your provider about possible costs.

You want to help or are interested in our project "MiSANTO helps Ukraine"?

MiSANTO not only offers a free of charge service for Ukrainians and refugees. Read here more about our project «MiSANTO helps Ukraine» and how you can support us. 

We support

Swiss healthcare by MiSANTO – your health in your pocket – in support of Ukraine


The MiSANTO app supports you with many health issues and helps you to find the best treatment. Analyse symptoms quickly and conveniently via the app, consult a doctor via chat and manage findings and other medical documents centrally.

The MiSANTO App is available for Android and iOS.



Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Krech
Swiss Tele-Health Center (STHC)
Bahnhofplatz 68
CH-8500 Frauenfeld

Telefon: 0840 005 800
Mobile: +41 79 267 59 08

UID: CHE-402.645.380
ZSR-Nummer STHC: F885820
GLN STHC: 7601002742900

ZSR-Nummer Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Krech: K285320

IBAN: CH29 0023 9239 1097 1201 B

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