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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about MiSANTO.

Note: The MiSANTO app is currently only available in German. Therefore some parts of the FAQ descriptions are mentioning the German titles of the menu buttons. This will be changed as soon as the app is also available in English.


MiSANTO is an app for Android and iOS that offers various digital health services. The app can be downloaded free of charge. Central features are the symptom checker, the chat with the doctor and the health record repository. The Symptom Checker automatically leads to a tentative diagnosis by means of questions and answers. If the system cannot provide a diagnosis, you will be invited to chat with a MiSANTO doctor. The respective entries are immediately available to the physician; thus, no lengthy anamnesis is necessary any more. Alternatively, you can also contact our doctors directly via the chat function.

MiSANTO is constantly adding new features. At the moment the following additional services are available on the app: Second opinion, collecting health documents, checkup, interpretation of doctor's reports, laboratory findings and x-rays, travel advice, certificate of inability to work and prescription of medication.

MiSANTO is your everyday companion and ensures that you stay healthy and if you are ill, that you can recover quickly or live optimally with your illness. MiSANTO also supports you, when you are older, so that you can live as long as possible independently in your own home. If you are doing sports, MiSANTO will help you achieve and maintain your desired fitness level.

MiSANTO continuously monitors and analyzes your data. The MiSANTO doctors are supported by artificial intelligence. You remain "anonymous" because your data is linked to your identification number but not to your personal data. Your key to your data is your smartphone or tablet. MiSANTO uses push notification to alert you when preventive medical examinations, such as cancer screening or prenatal care, are due or reminds you to take your medication.

The app can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store‎ (Android).

No registration is needed to use the Symptom Checker; only demographic information such as age, height, weight and possibly ethnicity is required. Registration and identification are required to use all other features. This is done in a structured, intuitive process via the app.

After successful registration and identification, you can use the chat function, get appointments arranged and securely store and manage medical documents via the document upload.

The attending physician can view this data using a QR code. So, you always have full control over your health data and decide with whom you want to share it.

Yes, to use MiSANTO you need a stable internet connection.

MiSANTO is currently available only in German.

Yes, you can reach MiSANTO from all over the world via the Internet. This means that you are always protected even when travelling.

MiSANTO was developed by medical professionals and meets today's expectations for modern patient-doctor communication. In view of the challenges in health care (increasing shortage of doctors, increase in patients in need of care), MiSANTO as a digital service should complement the established offers in health care - always with the aim of putting the patient at the center and guaranteeing him full control over his health data.

Symptom Checker

The symptom checker automatically leads to a suspected diagnosis through questions and answers. Behind this is a programmed AI technology that was developed over three years by our experts, consisting of doctors and scientists. The suspected diagnosis shows the user the most probable disease for the presented symptoms and recommends appropriate clarification and treatment steps. To ensure that you are not left alone with your diagnosis, you can contact a MiSANTO doctor at any time via our paid chat.

Open the app and click "Symptome erfassen". MiSANTO will guide you through the symptom analysis step by step free of charge.

Using the arrow in the top right corner you can correct answers and scroll back at any time.

Our team works every day to expand MiSANTO`s services and keep it up to date with the latest medical developments. If you still can't find a symptom or disease, please send us an email to or switch to the chat function.

You will find all consultation histories in your user account under "Medical history". Please note that you have to register and log in so that we can save your medical history.

Doctor's Chat

Our MiSANTO doctors are available to you at any time via the chat function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just click on the "Chat mit dem Arzt" symbol and you will be immediately connected to one of our doctors.

Our goal is to provide access to a MiSANTO doctor within minutes. If all doctors are busy at the moment, you can stay in our virtual waiting room or close the app. As soon as a doctor is available, you will receive a push message on your mobile device and you can then enter the consultation.

MiSANTO works exclusively with its own doctors with several years of professional experience. These doctors have also been specially trained for their work at MiSANTO. MiSANTO can therefore guarantee a high medical quality standard.

Yes, you can also reach us at the following number +41 900 003 003 (subject to charge).

No, after successful registration and identification you can contact our MiSANTO doctors at any time via our chat function. You will be directed to a virtual waiting room. As soon as a doctor is available, the corresponding chat window will open.

MiSANTO can help you to identify an emergency situation. However, if you are already in a clear emergency, you should immediately alert an emergency doctor.

Profile & Account

After installing the app, you can create a MiSANTO customer account. To do so, you will need to enter an email address and set a password. With a free MiSANTO account, you can receive automated diagnoses, manage all medical documents and view past medical chats.

In order to use the chargeable services of MiSANTO, you must identify yourself once and specify a payment method. The identification is necessary so that MiSANTO can ensure that only you can access your profile and that your data belongs to you.

Open your "profile" via the icon (top right) or via the app "Menu". In addition to your personal information (gender, date of birth, weight and height), you can store further information, such as findings or images, under "My Documents".

Simply click on "Profile" and "Edit". Here you can adjust your data and change your password.

No problem. You can reset your password at any time. To do this, click on "Passwort vergessen" in the login mask. You will receive an e-mail with a link sent to the address with which you registered. You can reset your password via the link.

To delete your account, please contact us at


The symptom checker and document storage are free of charge. For all other medical services, the user will be informed about the costs. A reservation of 73 CHF is made on your payment method. After the consultation this reservation is cancelled and the effective costs, may. 73 CHF, are charged. Pricing is based on the bindingly fixed tariffs for outpatient medical services in Switzerland (Tarmed). After the consultation, the patient receives a reclaim slip for the health insurance directly on the MiSANTO-App. With this document, a refund can be attempted at the insurance company in Switzerland.

A detailed list of our costs can be found here.

No, registration with MiSANTO is free.

A detailed list of our costs can be found here. The amount is automatically debited from your deposited payment method. After the consultation you will also receive a reclaim receipt for the health insurance directly on the MiSANTO app.

In order to bill your health insurance company for the doctor's consultation via chat, you will find an automatically generated reclaim receipt in the app. You can find this under "Meine Daten" -> "Belege".

Please note that MiSANTO does not guarantee the reimbursement of services by your health insurance company. If you do not wish to pay for the services provided by MiSANTO yourself, please contact your health insurance company in advance to find out which services are reimbursed.

Data Privacy & Security

MiSANTO fully complies with the particularly strict data protection and data security requirements for sensitive health data. In order to enable MiSANTO doctors to treat you as effectively as possible, they have access to your health data and your medical history. For further information please refer to our General terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy.

All data is stored encrypted in Switzerland and is under the control of the user at all times.

In principle, you can upload all common file formats via our photo function, such as photos (JPG and PNG), PDF, Word and Excel files or X-ray images. However, you can also upload them via the secure e-mail connection or send it by mail to MiSANTO.

MiSANTO does not share your data and health information with third parties at any time, unless you give your explicit consent or request it yourself. According to our motto "your health in your pocket", you as a user decide with whom you would like to share your health data.

You can request the deletion of the data linked to your name. You "donate" the de-identified data, which only links you to your person, to our research.

You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

Technology & Troubleshooting

Please contact our customer service at or via +41 900 003 003 (subject to charge).

We support Android from version 5.0.

We support iOS from version 10 on.

Please make sure that you have installed the latest software update and use the Swiss App Store. The app is currently not available in foreign stores.