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How the MiSANTO App works

Your Health in Your Pocket
  • MiSANTO at a glance

    Experienced MiSANTO medical team with expertise across internal medicine, dentistry, orthopedics and psychiatry. Specialized competencies are constantly being expanded.
    Health data is stored in encrypted form on a secure server in Switzerland. Only the user himself has the key to his data.
    Patient satisfaction and delivery of high-quality healthcare services are the driving force behind MiSANTO.
    Health services according to Swiss quality standards and recognized by Swiss health insurance companies.
    MiSANTO App is a Class I medical device and the health benefits are CE certified.
    "Fast-track" referrals to specialists within Switzerland, eliminating wait times.

    MiSANTO doctors are your companion in all situations of life

    MiSANTO supports you...
    ... in case of illness, so that you can quickly recover or live optimally with the disease.
    ... in everyday life so that you stay healthy.
    ... in old age, so that you can live in your own 4 walls for as long as possible.
    ... in sports, so that you can achieve and maintain their desired level of performance.

    Living independently for longer - MiALIVE


    Focus on the health of employees


    Sexually transmitted diseases are more common than you think

    You are in good hands with us

    Free Symptom Checker
    Instant doctor chat 24/7
    Digital medical record always with you on your cell phone
    Recognized by health insurance companies

    Not only your health, but also your safety is important to us

    It's your MiSANTO and it's your data. Only you have the keys and decide what you share and with whom.
    Data sovereignty
    You decide what data is stored in your digital patient record and with whom you share it.
    Two-factor authentication
    Secure your health record with an additional factor to prevent unauthorized access.
    Swiss data security
    You can back up your data locally on your phone or synchronize it with our certified servers in Switzerland.
    Locally on the smartphone via PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.
    Server in Switzerland
    Secure data storage.




    • Our trained MPAs do swabs and blood draws
    • Examination in our partner laboratories 7 days a week

    Symptom - Checker

    • Find out what you might have by clicking in the symptom checker
    • More than 600 suspected diagnoses
    • Confirmation of diagnosis in chat and further examinations

    Consult doctor

    • 24/7
    • Digitally consult a doctor
    • With pictures, e.g. skin changes
    • If necessary, we will refer you to a general practitioner or specialist
    • By phone from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

    Sample collection conveniently at home

    • SARS-CoV-2
    • A-Streptococcus throat swab
    • HPV
    • Urine for cystitis
    • Urine to drug screen
    • Urine for the detection of sexually transmitted pathogens
    • And much more

    Data storage and
    Data maintenance

    • Diagnosis list
    • Electronic vaccination certificate
    • eMediplan
    • Allocations
    • Requesting medical records at the patient's request. Here to the power of attorney

    Innovative document management

    • You can make your own medical history entries
    • and file your findings in the app right away


    • We explain your findings or laboratory results to you
    • We offer second opinions
    • We issue prescriptions electronically
    • We prepare certificates of incapacity for work
    • We ensure more health in your company
    • We advise before the trip about necessary vaccinations
    Check symptoms
    Chat with doctor
    My data

    Check symptoms yourself

    The Symptom Checker automatically guides you through the doctor's consultation to a tentative diagnosis by means of questions and answers. The tentative diagnosis shows you the most likely disease for the presented symptoms.

    24/7 telemedicine consultation

    With us, you can chat securely with experts to get an initial or second opinion on your questions and work out suitable treatment steps. The doctors in our telemedical competence center are available to you via the chat function 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Secure storage of health data

    Collect your health data yourself or let us collect it for you and manage it centrally at MiSANTO in your filing system. Your data cannot be associated with you by anyone but you. You decide when to share your data and with whom.

    MiSANTO accompanies you from day one

    More questions?

    Everything you want to know about MiSANTO can be found in our FAQs.

    or our videos.

    Our locations?

    Canton Thurgau
    MiSANTO Health-Point Frauenfeld
    Zürcherstrasse 174
    8500 Frauenfeld

    MiSANTO Test Center Amriswil TG
    Closed from April 28

    Canton St.Gallen
    MiSANTO Test Center Rorschach
    Main street 56
    Currently closed.

    Canton Zurich
    MiSANTO Test Center Zurich Airport
    Corona Test Center II "DiAMiSANTO", Terminal 1, Arrival 1
    Closed from June 1
    Open for groups - please by phone to book:+41 840 005 800

    MiSANTO Test Center Bülach
    Currently closed.

    Canton Grisons
    MiSANTO Test Center Laax
    Currently closed.

    MiSANTO Test Center Davos
    Currently closed.

    Canton Obwalden
    MiSANTO Vaccination and Testing Center Sarnen
    Currently closed.


    • How to sign up for a Corona test?

      1. via the MiSANTO app

      You can check your symptoms via the MiSANTO app and order a test in doctor chat if you suspect anything. We also perform corona tests for borderline cases.

      2. online via the appointment booking platform: HERE

      3. via telephone 0840 005 800 (from 08:00-19:00, 7 days/week)


      Corona vaccination

      In the canton of Thurgau we offer vaccinations.

      How to register for a Corona vaccination?

      Online: here.
      General information from the FOPH on coronavirus can be found here.

      For more information on MiSANTO and coronavirus, please see our FAQs.

    About MiSANTO

    MiSANTO - your health in your pocket - is the leading telemedicine company providing medical services to contain the COVID pandemic in Switzerland. MiSANTO operates stationary test and vaccination centers in several cantons. We also carry out outbreak investigations in schools and homes and are significantly involved in the conceptual creation of cantonal test strategies for preventive testing in the cantons.

    Founded by physicians with the goal of creating a powerful and future-proof "all-in-one" healthcare solution, MiSANTO features a highly scalable, server-based mobile platform. This includes a patient-centric healthcare app certified as a Class I Medical Device, and a comprehensive office management system including electronic medical record storage.

    In line with our motto "your health in your pocket", we are gradually providing you with comprehensive healthcare services that are modern, safe and of the highest medical and technical standard.

    Our app is CE certified.


    Chief Executive/Medical Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Information Officer



    Fast, unbureaucratic and inexpensive: telemedicine offers safe care.
    The roadshow will make a stop in a total of 77 of the 80 Thurgau communities until October. Four test runs with the roadshow mobile took place last week in Frauenfeld, Amriswil, Weinfelden and Arbon.
    Participants can get all photos with MiSANTO obstacle for free! As a download file in small resolution.
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      Application: personal@misanto.ch