The Adecco Group Switzerland and MiSANTO are teaming up. Together we want to support you on your way out of the Corona crisis and ensure a smooth test process. In doing so, we also rely on advanced technologies, such as the MiSANTO diagnostics app and fully digitalised process structures.

This gives you as a company the opportunity to take a proactive role in containing the corona virus while protecting your employees.

Would you like to test your workforce for COVID-19?

Targeted and repeated testing not only interrupts transmission chains, but also protects your own employees and their families from infection. A consistent testing strategy will also keep social contacts and spontaneous encounters at work, school and home alive. PCR spit tests can be ordered easily via e-mail or via our hotline 0840 005 900.

We take care of the processing, as well as any notification of positive cases to the authorities for you. We are always working on automating our processes and making them as simple as possible for you. Therefore, our MiSANTO self-service platform is also available to you.

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