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your health in your pocket

MiSANTO is a CE-certified app developed in Switzerland that offers you digital health services based on the highest security standards - your digital general practitioner: 

reliable, discreet, respectful and always available.

Accepted by Swiss Health Insurance companies.

Safely store and manage your medical records centrally in your MiSANTO repository. If you don’t have the health documents, let MiSANTO collect them for you. From now on, you decide when you share your health data and with whom.

Safe Health Data Storage

The symptom checker automatically guides you through a questionnaire and provides a tentative diagnosis. The diagnosis shows the most probable disease based on your answers and provided symptoms.

Check your Symptoms

With MiSANTO you can safely chat with experts to get a first or second opinion on your medical questions and symptoms and work out appropriate treatment steps. The doctors in our telemedical competence center are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

24/7 Telemedical Services

MiSANTO is your everyday companion and supports you...

… when you are ill, so that you recover quickly.

… in your daily routine, so that you can stay healthy.

… when getting older, so that you can live independently in your home as long as possible.

… while doing sports, so that you can achieve and maintain your desired fitness level.

Any other questions?

Find all that you want to know about MiSANTO in our FAQs.

Contact a doctor at any time from anywhere

Have your medical records under control

Store your health data securely

Chat with us. Our doctors are available around the clock for you, 365 days a year.


According to our motto "Your health in your pocket" we gradually provide you with comprehensive modern and secure medical services on highest medical and technical level.

MiSANTO is CE certified.

Medical Governance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Krech



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Thundorferstrasse 194 B

8500 Frauenfeld


English App version coming soon

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