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your health in your pocket

We keep your health data safe. 

You keep full control.

We de-personalise your data before we store it on our servers, so that it can't be connected with your person by anybody else than you. You decide when to share your data and with whom.

You can chat with experts to get a first or second opinion on your medical problems. 

Telemedical consultation

Store data from all your health tracking devices from scales to glucose and heart sensors.

Connect your devices

MiSANTO analyzes your health data without connecting it to your person and gives you feedback and advise.

Medical advice

Anytime. From Anywhere.

For many health issues, MiSANTO gives advice for free and helps you find the best treatment. If you wish to talk to a doctor, you can enter a charged consultation with one of our specialists.


According to our motto "Your health in your pocket" we gradually provide you with comprehensive modern and secure medical services on highest medical and technical level.

Medical Governance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Krech



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